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  • Dumblit Black Card

    Every month
    • 10 Recording studio/Multi Set hours
    • Unlocks 50/hr rate
    • Unlimited Dumblit beat leases
    • 15% off visual services and mixes
    • Online Booking Access
    • Unlocks Group Memberships
  • Do The Multi Set Hours Come With All The Lights?
  • Do Members Have Priority Booking?
    Yes! Members have priority booking and will always be put in Studio A unless discussed otherwise. Members also do not have to deposit to lock in their session.
  • Can I Lay Over Unused Hours Into Next Month?
  • Can I Buy A Membership And Use It With Multiple People?
    Yes! Our black card plan unlocks group memberships. We just need everyone's information that is going to be under the group membership. Just list everyone's information in the membership form you receive when the membership is purchased. After that, anyone who has their information in the membership form can use the membership on their own personal accord.
  • What Type Of Beat Lease Comes With The Membership?
    With the membership, you get access to a basic mp3/wav license for every single beat on our beat store. If you'd like to purchase stems or an exclusive, it will be additional cost. Dm us on Instagram if you're interested in purchasing stems or an exclusive license.
  • How Long Do I Have To Cancel A Session As A Member?
    Members only require 6 hours of advanced notice if they need to cancel or move a session. Non-members require 24 hours notice. If a session is cancelled less than 6 hours beforehand, 2 hours will be deducted from [members] total amount of hours remaining.
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