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3 Points to Keep in Mind When Collaborating

Collaborating with other artists can be very beneficial for building connections, experience, and being able to combine creative ambitions. Dive into 3 of our most essential tips for making sure that when you do decide to seek a collaboration, it is a genuine, purposeful, and fun experience.

1) Communication: You and the artist(s) you decide to work with should have a clear plan on what the song is about, the style, and who fits in where. It is important that both parties understand the concept and are fully aware and engaged with deadlines, financial agreements like royalty splits, and giving proper credit. Organize the little details as such so that the musical process can be fully enjoyed without any doubts.

2) Feedback and Compromise: It's important in any creative field that you collaborate with another on that you remain open-minded about criticism and be able to consider new perspectives. Yet sometimes there can be a full disagreement about where the song should head, and so being able to compromise with patience and the best interest of both parties in mind is just as important.

3) Breaks and Workflow: It's important to have a steady flow of progress that makes the best out of everyone's time, but also take breaks to refresh the mind so that you don't feel overworked. Make sure that when it comes to brainstorming ideas, recording, and finer details that both parties respect each others' time restraints. Additionally, it's perfectly fine to take breaks every once in a while so that no one burns out.

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