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Studio Sound: Q&A with Music Producer & Engineer icantcook

Read along for an in-depth Q&A with music producer and engineer Cook, aka icantcook. From his process of producing a song to his most memorable experiences in the studio, Cook shares his insights and experience in the field of music.

  • How did you get started in music?

"I started off in high school, just making music with a couple of friends in my basement."

  • Who are some of your musical influences? Have they inspired you in any way and how so?

"I'd say a couple of mine are definitely Travis Scott, Kaytranada, Mike Dean, and Dave Pensado. They have all inspired me in a way that every time I produce or mix a record, I hope to be able to draw out the same type of emotion and energy from songs as they do. "

  • What is your mindset when it comes to producing?

"Simply put when I produce, I turn my brain off and just go with the flow."

  • How would you describe your experience working at Dumblit?

"For me, it's honestly a dream come true. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else with such great like-minded people."

  • What is an aspect you enjoy about being a producer and engineer?

"The biggest thing I enjoy is the constant collaboration with creatives. Everyone brings something new and unique to the table that I definitely integrate into my style as well."

  • What are common challenges you face in your career and how do you overcome them?

"The biggest challenges I'd say I have are mixing such different sounding records everyday. It tests my skills and ability to adapt to new genres, sounds, and ideas."

  • What advice would you have for a producer or engineer just starting out?

"Keep going and try to improve a little day by day. But especially to practice, practice, and practice. If it's something you really want to do, you have to do it until you're great."

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