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What is Autotune?

Autotune is known industry-wide as one of the most prevalent vocal tuning and effects tools to exist. It can be heard on almost every mainstream artist, sometimes very minimal yet sometimes extremely drastic. Read along to further understand what Autotune is and how it works.

Autotune is a brand name for a type of pitch correction software that is used in music production to correct or manipulate the pitch of a recorded vocal or instrumental performance. The software works by analyzing the pitch of each note in a recording and then adjusting the pitch to the nearest semitone in a specific scale.

Autotune was first introduced in the late 1990s and quickly became a popular tool for correcting pitch in popular music. However, it is also often used for creative purposes, such as to produce a distinctive, artificial vocal effect. By adjusting the settings of the software, it's possible to make a performance sound more in-tune, or to create a exaggerated, robotic effect.

Autotune has become an iconic effect in popular music and has been used on countless hit songs. Despite its widespread use, autotune has been the subject of controversy and criticism, with some musicians and listeners feeling that it undermines the authenticity of music.

In summary, Autotune is a type of pitch correction software that is used to correct or manipulate the pitch of a recording. It can be used for correction purposes or to create a distinctive, artificial effect, and is an important tool in modern music production.

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